The Value of Work #2

By | March 7, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a comment about the Value of Work. To my surprise, it has become the most popular post on my blog to date, despite the fact — or perhaps because of the fact — that it contains no original content on my part. (Thanks for keeping me humble!)

Considering the popularity of that post, I thought you would enjoy this post from Guy Kawasaki’s blog about the Gift of Work. It links to a sermon by Nancy Ortberg. Disregard the comments in the blog about the video being taken down — apparently their site got overloaded, but it is back up now.

Let me know if you find this as meaningful as I did.

6 thoughts on “The Value of Work #2

  1. faithfulweb

    Yes, I found it very meaningful–perhaps even more so because I wasn’t prepared to be moved. At the time, I was cruising through tech and SEO blogs when I came across Guy’s post.

  2. Steve

    Thanks for stopping by and dropping a line. I can relate to your comment. I was fully prepared to learn something, but I wasn’t prepared for the emotional response.

    I took a quick look at your blog and really liked what I saw. I’ll check back when I can spend a little more time.

  3. Steve

    Thanks, Sam. I stopped by and poked around a bit. Really liked what I saw. I’m goind to add your site to my regular reading list.

  4. Sam Nguyen


    I’m very glad you enjoyed our site. We also have a forum to discuss issues of integrating Biblical values and business:, which you are more than welcome to join and share your perspectives and experiences.

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