Seven Principles to Work By

By | April 19, 2007

My reading list has historically been second-hand, meaning that I tend to build my list based on recommendations from others. Rarely do I snoop around the shelves and tables of the bookstore looking for the hidden gems that others may have overlooked. I’ve always had a never-ending supply of recommended reading (college professors are good for that), combined with a short supply of time and patience for shopping, so the second-hand method works well for me.

Keeping the FaithIt’s unusual, then, that I would impulsively pick up a book to read, but this particular book recently caught my attention: Keeping the Faith, by Ana Mollinedo Mims. The book is Ana’s very narrative and personal story about how she incorporates her faith into her personal career, and the impact that has had on finding meaning and success in her profes ional life.

In the book, she describes the seven principles of her faith-based philosophy:

  1. Faith – How to bring meaning to our work and infuse what we do with purpose.
  2. Prayerfulness – How to pause and take stock of any and all situations, centering our thoughts and bettering everything we set forth to accomplish.
  3. Humility – How infusing this in all things can bring about the most prosperity.
  4. Integrity – Why goodness and quality serve us long after a job is done.
  5. Forgiveness – Why adopting forgiveness does and will lead to greater meaning.
  6. Stewardship – How leading opens our options for all things.
  7. Legacy – Why we must all care about the work we do, and how a job is never really finished.

What I liked about this book

First, I appreciate the spiritual perspective of this book. I have always believed that our faith should be reflected in our work, and that our work is a natural extension of who God created us to be. We find meaning in work and life by discovering what we were created to do. This book supports that philosophy.

Second, the book is a very comfortable read, and very inspiring. Her personal stories as well as the stories she tells of others lends believability to her ideas. In other words, you don’t get the idea that this is pie-in-the sky wishful thinking, but a pratical philosophy that anyone can embrace.

What I didn’t like about the book

In a word — the title. The theme of the book seems to be about finding success by incorporating faith into your work and career. I think the words “Work” or “Career” or even “Purpose” should figure prominently in the title. Granted, the subtitle is “How Applying Spiritual Purpose to Your Work Can Lead to Extraordinary Success, but that’s not prominent enough to capture most readers.


The book was not what I expected when I picked it up, but I was pleasantly surprised. One of the reasons I wrote this review is that I think many people will disregard the book because of the title, and miss out on an enjoyable and inspiring read. If you are wondering how to integrate your faith and career, you will enjoy this book.

And it may help you answer the question, What were you created to do?

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