Monthly Archives: August 2007

Introverts Guide to Self-Promotion

When I wrote about sociable introverts last spring, I never imagined it would become one of the most popular posts on this blog. Even to this day, that post sometimes gets more hits than my current posts. There is much more interest in how introverts guide their careers than I ever imagined. One of the… Read More »

Career in a Box

  Are you living in a box? Is your career in a box? Too many people live and work in a box of someone else’s choosing, often because they don’t know any better. Some people don’t even know they are in a box; they just acquiesce to others’ expectations and think this is all life… Read More »

Study: Personality can Predict Performance

A recent study conducted by Dr. Nathan Bowling at Wright State University found that personality can be an effective predictor of job performance success. A couple of excerpts from the findings follow: I’ve often debated with fellow graduate students and managers over the relationship between job performance and job satisfaction. Are employees satisfied at work… Read More »