Monthly Archives: October 2007

Informational Interviews

The informational interview is one of the most useful and yet under-utilized career management tools. I’ve become a big proponent of informational interviews ever since conducting my first one several months ago. When I’m among job seekers, I often ask if they are including informational interviews as part of their strategy. Many have never heard… Read More »

Generations at Work

Generational work habits and work ethics are hot topics among bloggers and magazine writers. Many of the articles I read seem to advocate the benefits of one generation (usually written by a member of that generation), and too often disparage other generations. I came across an interesting article today that talks about the different perspectives… Read More »

Four Questions (and Answers) for Managers

For a recent article in the Columbia Business Times, five management consultants were asked to respond to following four questions. What are a few steps small businesses can take to create better work environments? Conversely, what are some mistakes that companies make that create poor work environments? There are horror stories out there about well-intentioned… Read More »

Finding Your Passion

In her Shifting Careers blog this week, Marci Alboher shares an interesting self-assessment exercise. It is designed by career coach Michael Melcher (aka The Creative Lawyer) for people who are searching for passion in their careers. According to Melcher, many of his clients don’t know what they want to do with their careers; they may… Read More »

Flexible Careers: a New Model?

Many companies are starting to offer flexible work arrangements as one way to retain the best talent. But is that enough to attract and retain talented employees over the long haul, or is it a stop-gap measure? Is it time to fundamentally change the way we think about careers? In an interesting article from today’s… Read More »

Invest in Your Most Valuable Asset — Your Employees

Maureen Moriarty wrote an excellent article for the Seattle Post-Intellegencer about developing and retaining key talent. In the article, she says “The most successful high-growth companies support and promote a culture of learning and development. High-performing employees understand they need to continuously improve to maximize job performance, grow into new roles and responsibilities, and move… Read More »

The Value of a Consultant

One of my good friends called me last night, and our conversation soon turned to concerns about a consultant he had recently hired for his start-up company. Like many new start-ups, he and his partners are experts in their field, and they are passionate about their products and services, but they lack administrative skills. Consequently,… Read More »

Wall Drug Provides Lessons on Branding

If you’ve ever driven I-90 through South Dakota, you’ve no doubt seen the signs for Wall Drug. We stopped at Wall Drug several years ago during a road trip, and I marveled at how they were able to turn a small town drug store into a major tourist destination. Mike Gunderloy at Web Worker Daily… Read More »