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What is “Personal Branding”?

During a recent conversation, a friend started talking about a bad experience he had the other day with an overbearing and disingenuous salesperson. He felt like the salesperson’s persona — hair, smile, language, clothing, jewelry, etc. — was just an act only slightly less transparent than that of a circus clown. He described with great… Read More »

The Value of a Consultant, Part 2

As a follow-up to my recent post about the value of a consultant, I wanted to share this related post I just came across from KnowHr entitled “10 Ways to Know It’s Time to Dump Your Consultant.” clipped from If he says “synergize” more than three times in 5 minutes. If he’s talking about… Read More »

Company Values

This poster by Anthony Burrill is profound in it’s simplicity. Many organizations have a list of company values that most most employees can’t remember, much less comprehend. This poster conveys values that most people inherently understand, and are easy to remember. Thanks to the KnowHR blog for finding and sharing this.

Practicing Gratitude

In yesterday’s post, I wrote “As Thanksgiving approaches, this seems like a perfect time to start practicing gratefulness and honing that mindset.” But how to we “practice gratefulness?” It sounded like a good suggestion, but it also felt a little incomplete without some sort of practical application. And to be honest, I didn’t have any… Read More »

Informational Interviews, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about conducting informational interviews. Today, I noticed that Marci Alboher added a different perspective to the topic by discussing her pet peeves about informational interviews in her New York Times blog. In her article, Ms. Alboher (she called me Mr. Wilson) specifically mentioned 4 pet peeves:… Read More »

Tips From Recruiters

I recently had the opportunity to listen a panel of recruiters sharing tips with an audience of job seekers. The panel included two internal recruiters (one with a large multi-national corporation, and one with a smaller, local corporation), and one external recruiter. The questions and discussion yielded some really good information, and a few surprises.… Read More »

Informational Interviews

The informational interview is one of the most useful and yet under-utilized career management tools. I’ve become a big proponent of informational interviews ever since conducting my first one several months ago. When I’m among job seekers, I often ask if they are including informational interviews as part of their strategy. Many have never heard… Read More »