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Prior Comments Can Haunt You

Developing an online presence is an effective way to establish your professional brand, expand your network, and create opportunities. In fact, many writers now consider an online presence to be an essential — not optional — component of a candidate’s portfolio. One of the questions that often comes up is about “youthful indiscretions.” What about… Read More »

Effective Networkers are Givers

A lot of networking sounds, in effect, something like this: Hello, I’m looking for a job. Do you have any openings? Too many people approach networking as an opportunity to get something they need — usually a job — and when the need is fulfilled, they quit networking. It’s all about ‘getting’. True networking, however,… Read More »

Career Success

What defines a “successful” career? Money? Power? Prestige? Popularity? Too often we define success by looking in the review mirror. We look at our accomplishments to see how our peers and employers value our contribution — measured by our salary, position, or influence. In other words, we let the market be our measure of success… Read More »

The Value of Work #2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a comment about the Value of Work. To my surprise, it has become the most popular post on my blog to date, despite the fact — or perhaps because of the fact — that it contains no original content on my part. (Thanks for keeping me humble!) Considering… Read More »

The Myth of “Who You Know”

We’ve all heard the admonition: “It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.” Indeed, a recent Hudson Survey found that more than half of all employees found their current job through someone they know, suggesting that it does in fact boil down to… Who you know. I’ve heard many job seekers complain that “It’s… Read More »