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Informational Interviews, Part 2

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about conducting informational interviews. Today, I noticed that Marci Alboher added a different perspective to the topic by discussing her pet peeves about informational interviews in her New York Times blog. In her article, Ms. Alboher (she called me Mr. Wilson) specifically mentioned 4 pet peeves:… Read More »

Tips From Recruiters

I recently had the opportunity to listen a panel of recruiters sharing tips with an audience of job seekers. The panel included two internal recruiters (one with a large multi-national corporation, and one with a smaller, local corporation), and one external recruiter. The questions and discussion yielded some really good information, and a few surprises.… Read More »

Informational Interviews

The informational interview is one of the most useful and yet under-utilized career management tools. I’ve become a big proponent of informational interviews ever since conducting my first one several months ago. When I’m among job seekers, I often ask if they are including informational interviews as part of their strategy. Many have never heard… Read More »

Career in a Box

  Are you living in a box? Is your career in a box? Too many people live and work in a box of someone else’s choosing, often because they don’t know any better. Some people don’t even know they are in a box; they just acquiesce to others’ expectations and think this is all life… Read More »

Advice for Older Job Seekers

Thanks to YourHRGuy for drawing my attention to this article in Forbes Magazine. It offers three rules for older (40 plus) job seekers: Rule #1: Job seekers over 40 need a resume that looks forward, not backward. Rule #2: Don’t be defensive, and don’t omit dates. Rule #3: Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. The… Read More »

Prior Comments Can Haunt You

Developing an online presence is an effective way to establish your professional brand, expand your network, and create opportunities. In fact, many writers now consider an online presence to be an essential — not optional — component of a candidate’s portfolio. One of the questions that often comes up is about “youthful indiscretions.” What about… Read More »