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Company Values

This poster by Anthony Burrill is profound in it’s simplicity. Many organizations have a list of company values that most most employees can’t remember, much less comprehend. This poster conveys values that most people inherently understand, and are easy to remember. Thanks to the KnowHR blog for finding and sharing this.

Shifting Careers

I referred to a column written by Marci Alboher a couple of months ago, and that led me to start reading her columns periodically. I was pleased to discover recently that Marci is now writing a new blog for the New York Times called Shifting Careers. If you haven’t discovered Marci’s writings, you should check… Read More »

Study: Personality can Predict Performance

A recent study conducted by Dr. Nathan Bowling at Wright State University found that personality can be an effective predictor of job performance success. A couple of excerpts from the findings follow: I’ve often debated with fellow graduate students and managers over the relationship between job performance and job satisfaction. Are employees satisfied at work… Read More »

Seven Principles to Work By

My reading list has historically been second-hand, meaning that I tend to build my list based on recommendations from others. Rarely do I snoop around the shelves and tables of the bookstore looking for the hidden gems that others may have overlooked. I’ve always had a never-ending supply of recommended reading (college professors are good… Read More »

Advice for Older Job Seekers

Thanks to YourHRGuy for drawing my attention to this article in Forbes Magazine. It offers three rules for older (40 plus) job seekers: Rule #1: Job seekers over 40 need a resume that looks forward, not backward. Rule #2: Don’t be defensive, and don’t omit dates. Rule #3: Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. The… Read More »

Career Success

What defines a “successful” career? Money? Power? Prestige? Popularity? Too often we define success by looking in the review mirror. We look at our accomplishments to see how our peers and employers value our contribution — measured by our salary, position, or influence. In other words, we let the market be our measure of success… Read More »

The Value of Work #2

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a comment about the Value of Work. To my surprise, it has become the most popular post on my blog to date, despite the fact — or perhaps because of the fact — that it contains no original content on my part. (Thanks for keeping me humble!) Considering… Read More »

The Value of Work

Interesting quotes by Peter Robinson, former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan: “The value of work lay not in the kind of social position it provided or, beyond the obvious need to cover the bills, in the amount it paid. The value of work lay in allowing you to develop your talents and build up your character.”… Read More »